HSM keypad on a tile

Hi everyone, I'm looking to create a disarm tile, that when pressed will prompt the same type of virtual keypad used in HSM asking for a pin (see attached pic).

I followed the instructions to setup a password protected tile (which works fine) but everyone in my house is having a hard time remembering to press save after entering the pin. They keep assuming that pressing enter from the android keyboard will enter the pin.

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One option to consider is Virtual Keypad.

I love it.

Throwing a lot of CSS at it and it can be literally whatever you want.

@markbellkosel84 Yes yes yes .. this is great..I'm a new to this platform. Hopefully this is easy to understand.. no chance that someone did you tube on this

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Not that I know of. Read through the link. It's pretty self explanatory. For basic HSM functionality it's very easy. Even adding custom button functions is very simple. You'll see that I was very active in there as I was setting up ours.

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