HSM issues

Has there been any changes recently to HSM?

from the log:

Not experiencing this with my setup of HSM. Did you remove a siren device from Hubitat recently?

Siren has always been there.
Very unprofessional the way the error shows up.

How so? Something had to have changed in your setup...the error just didn't appear on it's own. If it did, there would have been tons of people creaming about it here on the forum. When was the last time you access HSM?

What type of siren do you have defined for use in HSM?

Aeon Siren.

No changes to HSM in a long while.

Unprofessional in the sense that it's not professional for errors not to be trapped and checked and reported back in a user friendly manner. Perhaps a better description would be "lacks polish".

Nonetheless, its ok - I got the message.