HSM Intrusion After Disarmed

Had an incident where the system was in Armed in Away mode, it was disarmed and then approximately a minute later, when a door was opened, it set off an intrusion alert. In this Armed Away mode I have it set to delayed arm away (5 min). Any idea why it would have triggered an intrusion if it was successfully disarmed (according to these logs at least) for a full minute prior to the door sensor being opened?

Similar thing today with me. I was able to disarm with keypad before alarm went off.

To me this seems like a bug in HSM, considering that it reported it as disarmed and yet a sensor opening with a time stamp after that still caused an intrusion alert. Anyone else have any input on this?

I hit a bug today where for the first time ever, when I cam out of "night" mode with HSM armed into "home" mode, HSM didn't switch to disarmed. Something made it skip that step for some reason. Waiting to see if that happens again tomorrow, if so I also found a bug in

Quick update, seems like my issue was a one-off. Huh..