HSM Goes nuts

SO I had a water alarm in my AC unit yesterday. I think I forgot to clear the alarm. This may be the cause?

Today night alarm armed then disarmed. And we left armed away armed then disarmed.

Then hrs later all ... let louse One door was opened and intrusion night was sent
The keypad started counting. My iris v1 keypad noticed the entry event my driver detected this as a keypad out of sync with the HSM and polled the HSM only to be told by the HSM that it was disarmed.

HSM CMD [disarm] received but we are State:off
ENTRY in progress delay:30 state:off
Polling HSMStatus:disarmed Ourstate:off
Entry while in OFF (We are out of Sync forcing Resync

The event was a NightAlarm but it was not nightAlarmed
The last CMD was alarmAway Then disarmed.

It did this again later on so I sent disarm all and it stopped.
I loaded HSM saved it and rearmed smoke water events. It looks to be working????

SO why would HSM trigger night alarms when its disarmed. And reports its status as disarmed. This is some type of bug....

The only event in the HSM is that it was entry no record of it being armed.

SO no logs saying armed at all the last event was disarmed and then these entry events.

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