HSM giving false alerts

Hubitat Safety Monitor shows ALERT! In red, under Apps. I click on it, tells me “Water Alert: Basement Pump Leak Sensor wet”. I rush home, nothing is wet, no leaks. I check the event log for that sensor , there were no “wet” entries in the log. Only battery updates for the past few days. I don’t see how this can be a device issue since there are no entries to indicate the device signaled (falsely or not) a wet condition. So it looks to me like an HSM issue. Is this app even reliable?

I’ve never had a false alarm.

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Go further back in your sensor logs, or configure HSM to notify you when there's an alert condition.

I've never seen a false alert.

I've noticed lately that HSM will show an incorrect status

But when I click on the HSM link, you can watch it change to the correct status at the top of the screen while the page loads

But, the true state is disarmed.

I started getting this today. Why would it give an alert when the battery is at 76% when the rule is for 25%? I looked at the device logs and it has not been anywhere near 25% in the past 5 days (78,77,76).

When checking my phone it alerted me that my arrival sensor is at 15% which should trigger the alert, but it does not show that alert in HSM. Any thoughts?