HSM Frequency Selection causes App to be "done"

- HE V2.0.9.129 - Chrome v73.0.3683.86 (64-bit) - Windows 10 - 1809

Trying to create a simple HSM rule and found that a change in the "how frequently do you want to be notified" switch causes the rule to close down.

Other question, the entry page shows two options:
<nothing stated, no text etc>
or Only once per day

What do I get if "Only once per day" is not selected?


It sends the notice on every event that triggers the rule.

I will investigate the other issue.

Thanks, FWIW the closure of the rule happened in as well.

If you are in the mood to change the text, you might consider something like:

"Limit to once per day" (day being 12:01PM)
"Limit to once per 24 hour period"


I cannot reproduce this problem. What do you mean by "a change in ... causes the rule to close down"??

Have you looked at the logs?

I can repeat it this morning.
I'm starting with an existing HSM rule.
When I have the "configure custom rule" open and I make any change in the Frequency (either once a day or "off") the rule window goes directly to this screen:

Neither System logs nor app logs have any relevant entries.

I would have thought the rule configuration screen would remain open to allow changes to:

I can just reopen the rule and complete any other entries I wish but it seems that is not what you intended.

Oh, I see. This is something other than what I thought. This is a "hideable" section that is getting hidden when you don't expect it to. I will look into that. Thanks.