HSM for those of you with Unifi

@mike10 put together the "Unifi Wifi Presence" drivers last year and has made updates since. His drivers can be found here:

They basically allow you to define both Wired and Wireless clients on a Ubiquiti Unifi gateway and then track those devices for presence via MAC address.

Sometimes the Geofence trigger on our phones does not automatically disarm HSM when we return to the house. That's usually because the Hubitat mobile app may have fallen asleep and is not immediately responsive.

To supplement Geofence presence, you can create a child device for your mobile phone tracking using @mike10's app.

You can see from the screenshot above that lots of detail is tracked as to how my phone is connected to my Unifi Dream Machine Pro. For the purposes of this exercise, the device also tracks presence, so I can use a Rule Machine Rule.

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