HSM Feature Request - GarageDoorControl

It would be nice to be able to select garage door in HSM as a Armed-Away Sensor.

How would you use that, on Garage Door close toggle presence? You could do that with RM and a Virtual Presence sensor but there are many times when I open my garage door to take out/put in the garage and recycling containers but I'm not leaving so not sure how you make it reliable. If you mean to have the HSM trigger an alarm when the garage sensor is opened when you are away you can do that at least with the Linear garage door controller.

I would use it just like a contact sensor if HSM was in armed-away. And yes, I can do it in RM.

Which garage door controller do you have?

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Thanks, you got me thinking changed my driver now it show’s up in HSM, I’m using a esp8266 with the MakerAPI to control my garage door. Had to add capability "ContactSensor" to my driver now it works.

Glad you got it working.