HSM doesn't detect open door sensors when arming + presence/button override question

I've been setting this up and all seems to be ok except if I've left a door open there is no indication of this when HSM is armed. So a door left opened when HSM is armed will not trip an alert, unless I've missed some setting.

Also with mixed button/presence arming, if not all the presence sensors are "home" and I've armed using a button, will HSM disarm the next time one of the presence sensors returns home? I use the presence sensors to change the mode to away and arm this way.

Have a look at the “Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options” in the HSM app.

In there you can setup an alert for open contact sensors. Note however that if a contact sensor is open when it should not be then HSM will cancel the alarm set and your alarm will remain disarmed.
It would be nice if there was the option to exclude the errant sensor but this feature does not exist.

Can you clarify the issue with the presence sensors? Are you expecting the tags to arm/disarm the alarm or not?
This option is also in the same section of the HSM app.


Thanks I kind of got that from another thread as the documentation doesn't explain it particularly well. So if a contact sensor open alert is created then the system won't arm, right? I guess I can live with that as a reminder to check that particular door/window.

That’s correct