HSM disarm by lock keypad

I'm having an issue where the lock keypad does not disarm HSM quick enough. As the front door opens, the front door sensor trips the alarm before HSM can be put in disarmed mode.

Okay...so i have a lot of follow-up questions.....

  1. What type of lock are we talking about?
  2. Do you have a strong z-wave/zigbee mesh? If your lock is z-wave do you have a beaming z-wave repeater?
  3. Does it eventually disarm or do you have to do it manually?
  4. How have you set up the lock to disarm HSM? Can you post a screnshot?
  5. Does the status change on the edit device page?
  1. Z-wave
  2. I'm not sure how to check mesh strength. Never really had issues with devices. I have some switches, etc. acting as repeaters.
  3. It disarms, but does not dismiss the siren which has already turned on.
  4. See attached.
  5. Status of which device?

I've changed my rule to this:

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That should not be necessary. Can you show the setup of HSM? Do you have the siren set up as a siren? What type of siren is it? When you say it disarms but doesn't turn off the siren, how do you know that? What happens to the siren if you disarm from a dashboard?

Yes, it is a siren. It's an Aeotec Gen5. Could be just a delay in turning off the siren. I will have to experiment further.

Do you have an intrusion delay set up? i.e. the alarm waits a predefined amount of time before triggering the siren? Putting a slight delay in might allow the delay in the lock code disarming HSM to catch up before the siren goes off.