HSM: difference between Disarm, Disarm All, Disarm All Rules?

While I've read the doc and searched in the forum, I'm not able to understand the choices of the HSM tile. Is there a good place to read to understand the choices provided? For example,

  1. after selecting "Armed Away",
    a. what's the difference between Disarm, Disarm All, Disarm All Rules?
    b. why does "Arm Home" appear to be a no-op while "Arm Night" does change the status?
  2. after selecting "Disarm All"
    a. why is "Disarm All" still an option?
    b. what are "Arm All" and "Arm All Rules" supposed to do? they appear to be no-ops.
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HSM can have different alarm states Armed Home, Armed Away, Armed Night, but it can also have an alarm setup for water leaks, temperatures, and custom alarms like battery.

Disarm affects only the alarm statuses and is what you'd normally use. Disarm All disarms the alarm statuses plus any additional alarms you may have setup like the water and temp which normally you'd still want armed even when your home unless maybe you use the disarm all when you are cleaning the floors? I usually just pickup the sensors though since they take a while to dry on their own otherwise.

Got it, thanks.

What's the difference between "Disarm All" and "Disarm all Rules"?

I'm not sure maybe that just disarms the custom alarms? I've never tried that.