HSM - Device Left Open

Can someone provide me step by steps instructions on how to have Hubitat inform me if I have left a contact sensor open when I arm away? There are times where my spouse leaves the front window open and the alarm will still arm.

You can add the contact sensors into the HSM settings Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel options under "Configure alerts for arming failures and bypass warnings (contacts open)" which will notify you immediately.

However that will prevent it from arming which when using with presence sensor arming you may not want since you would already be away from home and may not want to go back depending on the sensor in question, which is why I leave that setting blank (so it still arms) and use RM to notify which sensor was left open, although that rule isn't exactly quick to setup depending on how many contacts you want included.

How do I get there? I'm not savvy with the interface.

Http://Hubitat -> Apps -> Hubitat Safety Monitor