HSM Delayed action cancelable

When "alarm away" mode is enabled, I have a 4-minute delayed action that plays music, loudly, in my living room (to emulate me being home so that someone outside the house will hear music and think the home is occupied).

Separately, I have a "Disable" rule that turns music off when the alarm is disabled.

So the situation where I enable the alarm, then before 4 minutes arrives, I disable the alarm -- the music will still turn on 4 minutes after my original "alarm away" button is pushed. I am thinking I need to incorporate the "Cancelable" delayed action feature here, but I am not sure how to do so. Any pointers?

I assume you did this in Rule Machine and not the HSM app? Either way, if you feel comfortable sharing a screenshot of your existing setup, that would be the best way to get the most targeted help.

But in general, assuming Rule Machine, here's how canceling actions works: first, you must set the "cancel?" (or "cancelable") flag on the delayed action, which marks it as eligible to be cancelled. Then you need to use a "Cancel Delayed Actions" actions somewhere in your rule--generally in the other "half" if you have it split with an IF/THEN into two sections depending on a particular condition, but whatever/whenever makes sense for you. Neither step does anything alone; they work together to create the effect you want.

If these are two different rules, it becomes trickier, since this assumes it's all in a single rule. One option in that case is the "Cancel rule timers" action, which cancels all delays (cancelable or not) and a host of other things it warns you about but can act on another rule, so could be usable if you don't care about any of those other things.


Thanks, I'll play with this later tonight and see what I can do. I appreciate your time and thorough response!