HSM delay issue


New user here. I'm having issues setting up a very simple (?) thing here. I currently only have one door sensor included with HSM. I have attempted to set the 'arm delay' to 20 secs. If I sit inside, arm the system, the 20 second countdown begins. If I do not open the front door, the cycle simply restarts over and over.

Is this normal?


If this is normal, then how can I enable security remotely? My gut is telling me that if there's a delay set, then there doesn't seem to be a way to enable HSM unless you're there, and you open and close the door? Maybe? Who knows!

No, that is not normal. How are you initiating arming of the system? How can you tell that it just cycles over and over again? Do you have any switches or buttons set up to arm HSM? Did you look in your Hub Events to see if it is in fact arming over and over again?

I'm setting it with a button press, essentially.

I know it's not arming because the status shows as 'pending'. And if you watch the app in the main hubitat screen, you can see it counting down and restarting.

You have to refresh that screen to see a change. It is not live updating.

Don't quite get this. I have a 20 second delay, yet after 20 secs, the countdown starts over (on the HSM screen).

I know you said it's not 'live', but the ham mode (as reported through sharptools and the hubitat dashboard) both report the state as 'pending', not armed.

Can anyone shed any light?


I'm an idiot. My webcore logic was stupid, and it broke something.