HSM delay arming exclusions

Do you think that it will be possible to use the same sensor list that is already in use for delay intrusion exceptions as arm delay exceptions as well?

Actually, even if I have a Delay Arm, if I arm from my keypad with the door near to it that it's open, HSM isn't armed because it founds a contact open, but it's correct because I need to exit from that door.. I haven't tested it but probably it would work fine if I arm from keypad and then open the door while still in arming delay.

Is there any other suggestion to sort it out?

That's because you have it configured for Arming Failure. If you turn that off, it will not error when you arm with a contact open. Otherwise, it will not arm correctly.

Yes, and that's what I want, but with exclusion of some contacts during arming delay, like delay intrusion.