HSM Dashboard & Alert Texting in Australia

Hi, I new to this, and having mixed results. I'm slowly converting my wired alarm to Konnected. Up until today my trialling appeared to work, until after yesterday when I setup 'Arming Failure Alerts' today when we left for work I checked the Dashboard to see that it wasn't armed. I am found when I got home that it hadn't armed because of one of my devices isn't in the correct state to arm the system. Which hadn't occurred before I'm guessing that I hadn't set the 'Arming Failure Alerts'
My 1st question is, can the Alert be displayed on the Security Dashboard so that you can see the reason for the system not arming?? How is it done?
2nd question, the text alerts are not sending, In 'Intrusion Away' the phone number is for eg +61425XXXXXX

The text alert has started working, not sure what I did, however it's now working.

Can someone advise on if there is a way to showing HSM arming failure alerts on the Dashboard. It is frustrating to not be able to see why it hasn't armed until getting home.

Im also having an issue with texting alert.
i have sent up an intrusion alert with door sensors, When the alarm is on and door is open im not getting any message.
Any advise
not sure where i did wrong? i worked for first time and now its not working anymore?

Hi, my text messages are still working however now that there is a Hubitat app I find that is much better. Have you installed that on the phone??
I think Hubitat will eventually stop the text alerts as it would be costing them for each one that is sent.
It shows in the Alerts on your phone. Sends the same messages.

ohh great! will try that thanks