HSM Custom Rule Issue

I am seeing the following error in the logs and not receiving a text from an HSM custom rule. I have double checked and the phone number is correctly setup for the particular custom rule.

The custom HSM rule is for low battery notification.

I do get other notifications from HSM though.

java.lang.Exception: Invalid phone number, numbers must start with + and be followed by country code and phone number (batteryHandler)

I'm getting this as well. I receive notifications via pushover, but have not been able to get texts from HSM to go through.

You must put the number in with this format: +14805551212. Evidently, the OP did not use that format.

Yeah, I have been using that format. It has been working in other areas of the HSM. In this one instance I am sending to multiple numbers and am receiving the error. Both are using the correct format and separated by a comma.

I just noticed the Daily SMS Limit warning comes up before the error, which is odd because I haven't received any SMS today.