HSM Custom Monitoring Rule - Reset when door left open is closed

I have some custom “Door left open” rules. If the alert is triggered, HSM and the custom rule both stay in ALERT! mode even after the door is closed. Do I need another rule to continuously check if alerts need to be reset? Something else? Sorry if this is a dumb question… I’m no programmer. Obviously. :wink:

More details of the rule(s) as implemented would help - but from the general description, it sounds like a single additional rule, which triggers when the door is closed, and action to clear the alert status, is what you need. It could include a conditional or predicate to check the alert status, if that matters.

Here’s one of my rules. Would I need a Rule Machine rule to monitor each HSM Custom Rule to check if the alert status is valid? I also have temp alerts (A/C, fridge, etc).