HSM Custom Monitor Issue

Now that we have the ability to use pushover for alerts in HSM I have tried to configure an alert if a few of my contact sensors "STAY" open for more than 2 minutes.

When I configure HSM to monitor contact "open" for more than 2 minutes I get an alert after 2 minutes that the contact is open regardless of if it was closed after it was open. I was under the impression that by design the timer would cancel if the condition changed to closed?

Confirmed there is a bug with this. We will get it fixed.

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Thanks Bruce, i’ll continue to use RM for this alert until then. As always, I appreciate your timely responses and quick resolutions!

The bug has been fixed, and fixed HSM will be in the next release. Thanks for reporting it!


Did this fix make it into .709 build? I don’t see it listed in changelog.

I believe so. Let me know,.,.,

Seems to be fixed, thanks

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I may have spoke too soon, it would appear that setting a "for how long" time now results in no alert whatsoever.

I will look into it, Pretty sure it was tested thoroughly....

Just tested it again with a single window, if I don't set a "for how long" the alert happens, if I set it a delay alert never happens. Sorry...

Yep, just found the issue. Evidently a single line of code was dropped. Fix will be in next release.

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This bug has been fixed with Hub Update 1.0.8.

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