HSM Bug?


This is what happen,

I set a switch as Intrusion Light Alerts...
Then deselect the switch from Intrusion Light Alerts list
Then arm > intrusion > disarm/cancel alerts > HSM turn the switch on/off

the switch is not In Use By HSM in device details but HSM controls the switch.

I will look into it.

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I am not able to reproduce this. First, I set up a Light Alert. Then tested by arming HSM and causing it to alert. It turned on the light as expected. Then I removed the light from HSM. Armed again, caused it to alert. The removed light did nothing in response.

Currently running version:

As you can see Virtual Switch 1 is not in use by HSM but it turned off by HSM alert cancel/disarm.

-when I remove the switch there isn’t any switch/light left in HSM light alert.
-when I add another switch, HSM releases the previous switch and sticks to newer one even after removing it from HSM light alert.(Not all the time)
-I test with virtual and real switch/sensor.

So this happens upon cancel alert?

Never mind. Now I see the problem. It's holding onto the device in the lights it captures upon alert, so that it can restore them later. I see about fixing that.

This is fixed, will be in the next release.

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