HSM Battery Monitor & Removing Device

TL;DR: How do you remove a device when Battery Monitor is set to monitor all battery devices?

I have an HSM Battery Monitor rule setup, and it seems to be working fine. (I generally preemptively replace my batteries, but I have had a couple get past me, and the rule worked as designed. All good there.)

However, I recently removed a device and noticed that the Battery Monitor rule was in the 'In Use By' section of the device page. That was expected, but I'm unclear on the next part. When I went to HSM to remove that device from the battery monitor, I had the 'monitor all' switch on, so I couldn't just deselect the specific device as I would for, say, a RM rule. So, I turned the 'monitor all' switch off, deselected the specific device, removed the device, then went back into HSM to turn the 'monitor all' switch back on. Not hard, nor complicated, but a number of steps.

Was that the correct workflow, or is there a more efficient way of completing the removal? (Leaving the 'monitor all' switch off to be able to select and deselect specific devices would be acceptable, and is probably the most obvious solution, but I didn't know if there was another more-efficient path.)

If it is selected in HSM because of “Select All”, then don’t worry about it. Just remove the device and it will be removed from HSM.