HSM Away Motion Detection Pushover Alert

Hello, I want HSM to notify me of the most recent motion sensor becoming active when the alarm trips when I'm away. I'm forced to use the multi motion zone app when preventing motion false positives, however when sending the HSM message with %device% and %value%, it only shows the multi zone motion sensor. Is there a way around this or does HSM need the multi motion zone intelligence built into the app natively?

i'm looking too for a solution to this. To reduce false alarm i want to encapsulate all motions sensors in 1 zone and trigger the safety monitor only when at least 2 sensors are active within 5 minutes. How can we get notification about the exact sensor that was triggered ?

Seems like if the functionality is not available via HSM it would be fairly easy to write in RM.

do you want to share what you have in mind ?
i am thinking on something like, if intrusion alert is triggered and if any of all motions sensors are active, show notification with %device% , would that work ?

I originally thought you could use the %device% variable but it sounds like your zone logic requires at least 2 devices so you might have to do a series of if/then statements. In other words if the Mzone triggers, at least two sub-devices need to be active. %device% would capture one of the two but I don't know an easy way to get it to capture both. Also in my example the trigger is the Mzone, so the device would be the Mzone as well. Not really helpful. I also dont see a simple way to check for whether HSM is actually in alarm status so you might end up needing a virtual switch that is turned on or off by HSM.

I'm thinking something like this...

You'd have to add a few more if/then statements, one for each of the motion detectors that makes up the zone. But you would get a notification (or text) for each sensor that was active when the zone became active and the alarm was sounding.

The only thing I can think of is if you entry delay is longer than the reset timer on the motion sensors, the motion sensors may clear before the notification is actually triggered. You would have to test it.

And of course I have not tested the logic posted above so there's probably a gap somewhere!

HSM app should be modified for this.. It's intuitive when expanding the app to notify of the exact motion sensor while preventing false positives. Can HE embed the motion zone controller code into HSM for reuse?

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i found an easy and acceptable solution. I've set up 1 motion zone for 1st floor and another motion zone for 2nd floor.
Trigger by intrusion alert( when 2 motions sensors are active)
if motion device x is active show notification %device%

basically i get no alerts unless some motion zone is triggered, after that, i get each individual sensor with its name in notification which is kinda what i wanted to