HSM audio alerts


I see that HSM now has the ability to continuously repeat a phrase of words during an intrusion. This is awesome btw!!

Any chance we could support streaming an audio file for audio alerts continuously? I have a custom audio file I created for intruder alerts and would like to use that. Or others may want to use barking dogs or something totally different. Obviously the MP3 would need to be hosted on a Pi or local web server. Thoughts?

I created a custom command in RM for the dog barking using the MP3 hosted on amazon from ST :slight_smile:


Do you repeat the mp3? Also how do you stop the audio file if HSM is disarmed?

I don't use HSM as the trigger for HSM. I use RM with a rule base on motion to trigger the MP3 to play and use the repeat in x minutes in RM to replay the MP3.

I second this feature request.

I used barking dogs as the alarm sound when my ST SHM went into alarm and I would like to set that back up. The barking dogs in ST was pretty good but was short and only lasted about 20 seconds I think. But I want to use the meanest sounding dogs barking track available and just have it repeat until the HSM turns it off.

How are you setting the volume?

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