HSM Attribute Information on Dashboard

I have read that the HSM Status Tile in the dashboard shows as Disarmed but can I create another new tile that displays the HSM APP status information specifically for Water and Battery Armed Information.


I'd like to create a Dashboard tile that shows the current HSM Alarm and Event Status for the Water and other custom rules such as Battery Armed.

Can this be done? If so, how do I do it? Believe others have asked for this in the past but I can't find a solution on the board. Something about Device switches and connectors?



Create a virtual device, put that on dashboard. Use a rule to switch virtual device state using HSM as a trigger.
Also look at "Hubitat Dashboard" app, not by Hubitat but by Joe Page, there's a thread in this forum about this app, It's really amazing.

Can you please give me a little more guidance. I'm learning.

.What type of Virtual Device do I set up? I'm assuming a virtual switch?

.How do I set it on the dashboard? I add it as a Device with what Template and attributes?

.What Rule do I set up? Can you be specific as to the values/settings? This will add the HSM Water Alert to the tile?

Sorry but this just isn't at all clear to a noobie.

As for the Hubitat Dashboard, it looks great. I don't see that it is available for IPhone IOS devices?

Thanks for your help.


Can anyone provide some help with this? It would seem that one could place the HSM Water" armed status on the dashboard? All I have been able to do so far is place a simple HSM tile on the dashboard with it's current status - which does not show the HSM Water status.


I'm wanting to do the same. Seems the Hubitat documentation and support/community is not doing very well.