HSM arming triggered two times

Hi @bravenel
I have a rule that it's triggered by HSM Arming status, but looking at events, seems that HSM is sending the "arming" event twice:

Rule events

HSM events

Now I'm on 2.0.9 but I think it was still there in 2.0.8 too.
Could you have a look? Is there any workaround?

I was looking into this a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get to the bottom of it. There is a work-around you can do with your rule though, which is to disable the rule briefly the first time it fires (debounce).

That workaroud it's working for the rule, but not for an app that it's listening for arming status and I'd avoid to rewrite the app if possible. Please keep in your bug tracker when you have some more free time to check it. Thanks!

How are you arming HSM? This is a key piece of the puzzle.

I have an Xfinity keypad and an iris fob (I think should be v2 or v3, the one with home, man away and A\B buttons), generally I'm using the fob but I could try with keypad and Dashboard if it helps to debug.

I've made some other tests:
Keypad > Triggered 1 time
Fob > Triggered 2 times
Dashboard > Triggered 2 times
HSM App > Triggered 2 times

Maybe the issue it's caused by the "arming" command that you send to keypad to make it beeping and it sends back another "arming" event to Hubitat?
That's explains why it's Triggered only once if armed from keypad, because (I think) you don't send again the arming command to the keypad itself

Thanks for investigating this. I will look into it.