HSM Arming Failure - how to know what type of arming mode used?

Is there a way, when HSM reports arming failed, to know what arming mode failed?

I would like to be able to arm HSM in the requested mode once the failure has been resolved. I have setup a RM that waits for the resolution on failure (waits for sensors to close) and retries arming. That works.

What I’m not able to do is know what type of arming mode I was setting, and re-use the same. Ex.: I know it failed arming, but not if it failed arming away, home or night.

Still new to this but here is a thought as I’m working through this now too.

Since I arm based on mode, I noticed that while the HSM Status won’t arm, the mode still changes. So maybe you can refer to the mode assuming it changed accordingly.

Example: Home switched to night. HSM fails but mode is now night.

Then you can use IF THEN to set differ scenarios.

I like the idea of pausing arming for X time to resolve like you mentioned. Right now I just reset my mode and prompt rearming. I only arm during the day to away and at night to a night mode or maybe away but unlikely as that starts at 12:00 am, so I generally know what mode I was in.

This is brilliant! I never thought of that. I implemented that change.