HSM Arming Away Instead of Armed NIght

Hello everyone,

I have come across the condition when arming HSM to Arm Night results is HSM arming in Away mode instead.

This happens when driving changing to HSM via a Mode change to Night (and I have Night listed in the column Arm-Night in HSM.

It also happens when simply selecting the Arm Night directly within HSM. I can see in the logs (attached) when pressing the Arm Night button that the HSM temporarily sets HSM to Armed-Night but ultimately sets it Arm-Away.

Although from the details in the log it appears that HSM (app39) is setting both conditions (Arm Night and Arm Away), I have eliminated any rules that are setting custom variables, mode setting, or HSM setting directly to help rule out any coding I am doing.

What is interesting is that if I set the Mode setting of Night under Arm-Home in HSM it works as expected with HSM arming in Arm-Home. I just does not work with the same setting under Arm-Night. Regardless of any settings pressing the HSM Arm Night button always results in Arm Away.

I have also included shots of HSM with the Mode setting in the HSM Arm-Night and without any mode settings in HSM. Result is the same. HSM always arms in away mode.

Can anyone shed any light on what I might need to check.

As always, I appreciate any help anyone can provide.


I unfortunately am having the same issue. I tried renaming my device in HomeKit that sets the night setting. I've disabled automatic arming away. Changed some rules that set the arming. I couldn't figure a way to change it from arming away from night. I don't give up, but it's frustrating.
One thing I did notice is that if I arm night twice, one after the other, it will remain on armed night. Sorry I'm not helping, but I wanted to say you are not alone.

Did you find a way to resolve this?

Unfortunately I did not and it still remains an issue.

As a workaround, I have a rule that triggers at a certain time each night that configures the home the way I want it.

Not the best situation since I don’t have the flexibility of changing it with the push of a button at any time, but every night at 11:30 PM the house gets reconfigured


This looks like it's still an issue as it's happening to me.

Still nothing new on my end. Still using rules to achieve what I need to do.

Sorry I can't be of any help.