HSM arm home delay for specific doors still sets the alarm off immediately

When in HSM arm home i have a delay set for 2 specifc doors to delay the alarm by 30 seconds. Unfortunately though, when those doors are opened the alarm triggers immediately. My girlfriend was home sleeping with the alarm set to armed home. When i came home and opened the front door, the alarm went off immediately. In HSM away mode this isnt an issue... the entry delay goes off for 30 seconds like it is supposed to.

For now ive set my presence sensor to disarm the alarm when i come home, but i dont understand why the system isnt behaving as it is set to behave.

I've recently been moving to hubitat from smartthings after they accidently deleted my 75 or so devices from my hub. Same thing happened to others in the community. Mistake on their backend. Unfortunately their "fix" was to start over SO here i am in hubitat land with a backup of my config on several different devices. Smartthings had NO backup functionality and nearly everything was cloud processed.

Anyways, i have 2 ring keypad gen 2 that i setup earlier this week and basically have everything working great except for this. (Also having a double arm exit cycle going on when i set armed away, but im less concerned about that right now... I can live with it)

Any help would be appreciated but it seems more like a bug than a misconfiguration.

Btw the double arming cycle... which isnt as big of a deal... the exit delay starts, finishes, then starts over before finally arming. So my 30 second delay becomes 60 seconds. But the keypads only beeps for 30 seconds. I know because ive watched the logs and i have a light by the door that indicates when it is armed. Like i said though, i can live with that issue...

This armed home thing i really am not enjoying though. And to set the alarm to away each night as a workaround would mean listening to beeps for a good 30-60 seconds when we just want to sleep in peace.

Here is my HSM config:

Is anyone else seeing this occur? Maybe its a side effect of running the ring alarm gen2 keypad? When in Arm home/night, the opening of a door that is specified as delay intrusion instead triggers the alarm immediately.

Hi Guys I feel I'm missing something really obvious. I cant see the option to apply the delay for re-entry to a specific sensor E.g the front door. I have the C-8. Where did you find the option?


Stand down! I figured it out, the sensor wasn't selected under the intrusion away section!

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