HSM and Alexa Guard setup help

I'd like to setup HSM so that when I set HSM to Arm Away it puts Alexa Guard in Away mode and the opposite when I disarm HSM. Also, I'd like Alexa Guard to trigger HSM if it hears something. Any ideas how to accomplish this? Thanks.

I just recently did this myself (successfully :slight_smile: ).
There is a very fine User app called Echo Speaks. The tool directly interacts with Amazon. It has a slightly complex setup, but has great documentation and support.
I used Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) to install Echo Speaks. After setting up the app, there is a section specifically designed for the Alexa Guard using HSM. In my case, it was as simple as setting 'Away in these Modes' to 'Away'.
It has worked flawlessly. You don't actually have to speak 'Alexa, Guard On'. If you set your presence sensor to 'away' you know it's gone active with the blue ring flashing on your Dot's :slight_smile:
Other benefits was Zones, Devices (that Alexa has that Hubitat doesn't), Actions, Cookie management and Notifications.

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Exactly this. Also, if you use Homebridge, you can add an Alexa Guard virtual device that can be turned on/off when you are Arriving/Leaving Home. Then it's completely automatic (if you use iPhones in your household).

The way I did it — before switching to Echo Speaks — was to have a virtual switch that turned off and on. The switch was exposed to Alexa via the Amazon Echo Skill. When the switch turned on, an Alexa routine would run that turned Guard on. When the switch turned off, an Alexa routine would turn Guard off. I had a rule that turned the switch on or off based on mode.

It worked... most of the time. But Echo Speaks has been way more reliable.

I got it setup . No real issues. But my question is this. If Alexa Guard is in "Away" mode through Echo Speaks and senses a glass break, does it automatically trigger HSM to activate the alarm or do I have to add Alexa Guard as a device (through a routine / virtual device) to HSM sensors?

I'm dying to hear someone tries a test!

I did test it. I set HSM to "Alarm Away". Echo speaks then turned on Alexa Guard. I played a youtube video of a smoke alarm sound and it triggered Alexa Guard which sent a notification to my phone It did not trigger HSM alarm. So if you want HSM alarm to be triggered if Alexa Guard is triggered, you have to create a routine or something to do that. Need to figure that one out.


I'd love to hear if you come up with anything. As far as I can tell, there's no way to throw a switch or similar if Alexa Guard is triggered. I don't think Amazon exposes guard states other than armed or not.

I did this with a Virtual Device called Alexa Guard using Universal Virtual Device Switch uDTH - good for Alexa, IFTTT, HSM, and other integrations device driver.

I then use Alexa Routines to turn on Guard when when the Virtual Switch is turned on. I then use Alexa Routine to have my Echo device say "Alexa... I'm Home." to turn off Alexa Guard. I use HSM to turn the Alexa Guard virtual switch On and Off.


Does the comma/periods between the words add a delay? Been trying to figure out how to do that.

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Put a "Wait" in the routine.
You'll also need to give your four digit code
Say "Alexa"
Say "I am home"
Wait 5 seconds
Say "one two three four"

Alexa has to respond with "What's your four digit code?", so the five seconds is ample.

Which homebridge plugin permits that?