HSM Alerts on Arm but not Disarm

I have no idea what changed or what I may have done. I have a rule that will notify and text when HSM changes state. It will show arming, armed, and disarmed. Recently, I am not getting disarmed notifications.

If I check logs, I see:

foAction: Notify VIRTUAL_Twilio-Vasilios, VIRTUAL_SM-G998U1 and Speak on Google Mini - Office (volume: 80): 'Alarm has been Disarmed.

Now, the mini announcements have always been buggy, but I always got the text and app notifications. I still get the arming and armed notifications, but not the disarm. Any thoughts on what I should be looking at?

I've already turned it off and back on (rebooted), arming from app or keypad makes no difference, and I reverted to the previous version with no success.

The rule parts are exactly the same except for the message and the match condition, and, again, this HAS been working until recently.