HSM alert for Temp sensor

I put in a new HSM alert for low temperature. I don’t see a temperature alert option in triggers. Should it be there?

Are you using "Custom".
I have a monitor for my Fish Tank.


Yep, its structured just like yours. How does it look in your Triggers?

RM does not have the ability to trigger from a custom command alert. You'd have to use an intermediary virtual switch or something to link the two. HSM can turn on a switch, that could be a trigger in RM.

Ah. I see what you mean.

I just clicked on the Arm Rule at the bottom and its ready to go.

Oh really? That's all I need to do. I just see Text Alerts, Audio Alerts, etc. at the bottom of the HSM screen. Where can I set a switch?

A "light" is really a switch.


Oh wow, duh. Ty

Just leave Light level alone, and all it will do is turn on the switch.

Thanks. Full circle, what I'm doing here is letting IFTTT know to set my Honeywell TCC thermostat if it gets dangerously cold near some of my vulnerable plumbing.

Why use HSM for this? Why not just use Rule Machine?

At first I was just interested in the alert side of it, so went with HSM. Setting the thermostat was an afterthought. Other than consolidation, is there a compelling reason to move it to RM?

Actually in your screenshot I have a small request to do, if you can, or maybe is there already, in the configure lights alerts, select lights to turn on, could you add light level default? It instead messing up with all the dimmers it will turn on the lights but no change to the dimmers or colors? Thanks.

The way it works is if you don't put in a value for Light level, it only sends an on() command. That will not change any level you have set.

Do you mean if I leave it with no selection? Because I can't select no selection, only allows to choose 20,40,60,80 or 100%



No, I was wrong. It does default to 100%. So, you want the option for it not to alter the dimmer level?

Yes, it will help a lot an option for not altering the dimmer level, thanks for the consideration.

Are you aware that once the alert is cancel or the system disarmed, that it restores the previous level?

Yes, but still some lights will not restore to the original setting, at least not with Yeelight and magichue, yes I know magichue is a custom driver but if I could choose not changing the dimming it would work great.