HSM - Add a switch output

@chuck.schwer, @bobbyD - Would it be possible to add an option to turn a switch on with a return to off (when back to normal) to the water sensor? I would like to use it to activate bptworld's Flasher app.

It would also be a nice feature to add to Intrusion.
Unless you have other suggestions?
Thank you.

Why not just write a custom rule?

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You can also do this with Rule Machine, it has triggers for HSM alerts, I'm using it for several HSM rules I have.

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Sounds good. I was trying to cut the middle man (RM) since Bryan's Flasher App looks for a trigger. Thanks for the assistance.

Note: I do see that bptworld flasher app has a trigger for water sensors. I was just trying to keep the Water Sensors under the HSM realm.