HSM {} - Illegal Arguement - Flash not supported on device

It seems I have been getting an error on my device when I enable/disable a custom HSM. I just wanted to let you know. The error reads, "Command 'flash' is not supported by device 218 on line 693..." I suspect it has to do with my Neo Coolcam Power Plug not supporting a flash command as all it does is turns off the device, and never turns it back on.

Java error that caught my attention:

When I clicked on the "error" within the log it opened the following rule:

Slighly more details on the rule:

Details on the two devices mentioned in the rule:

I suspect this error can be "ignored" or turned in to a warning with a fall back method of turning device off, waiting 1 second, turning device on set of calls. If anything else is needed/wanted about this please let me know. Was not sure where to post this, so put it here. If not the correct spot, please feel free to move it or let me know where it goes and I will do what I can to move it.
Thank you,

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