HS-WX300 Driver and Programing Syntax

I'm trying to get my WX300 dimmer programming working. I started with the built-in driver. When using Rule Machine, no matter what syntax I've tried, I can't get the LEDs to change color. It works fine manually from the device page. In the log I get an error java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "2={color=2, blink=false}" on line 131 (method setStatusLED), so this looks to be a syntax error, but nothing works

I have also installed the custom driver, which has way more functionality (so I'd like to use it instead). But from the web page, I can't do anything, so I'm guessing the virtual driver is not associated with the device. I also have fewer options for the device than the default driver. It almost look to be just a controller for multi color light.

You can't create a virtual device for a "real" device (or at least not easily for Z-Wave). You'd need to swap the driver on the device you're using with the driver you want to use rather than creating a new one. This is the "Type" dropdown on the device detail page.

Regarding your error, I'm not sure what format the command you're using expects, but the device detail page, specifically the command button there, should tell you the number and type of each parameter (most are straightforward, but keep in mind that any enum value is a string) and whether they are required or not. You would need to match this in Rule Machine.

If you are using my driver (devices don't always just have "a" custom driver), it accepts three parameters for setStatusLED(), all strings.

Thanks, I'll give that a try, but right now, for some reason, the light is just flashing, and so far been unable to stop it or set it back to the factory. I am not sure if I have somehow busted it, but I hope it can recover.

With the "HomeSeer HS-WX300 Advanced (Dimmer)" from github.

I had to fiddle around a bit to get the syntax right...so I thought this might help.

setStatusLED('1', 'red', 'on') on Entry

setNormalLEDColor('red', 'false') on Shower

In rule manager select run Custome action and the run custom action again. Hope that makes sense/helps.