HPM won't update Google Home Community App

Hi, HPM says that there is an update available for the Google Home Community app. It goes through the process of trying to update say that the 'installed 0.13.7 Current 0.32.1'
The error is - Error Occurred During Installation

An error occurred while installing the package: Failed to upgrade app https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mbudnek/google-home-hubitat-community/master/google-home-community.groovy.

Try doing a repair on HPM then running the update.

Also check "Logs" to see if you can find the actual error. (Current Logs if you have them open while this happens, or Past Logs if it's recently enough after the fact.)

When I click on 'Repair' I just get the spinning wheel on the top right of the screen in the browser, maybe I need to remove & re-install HPM??

That can't hurt (a match-up will be necessary afterwards to find things HPM has that you may--or may not--have installed with it previously), but I'd again recommend checking "Logs" to see if you find anything suspicious there when these problems are happening.

Another thing that is strange is that in 'Apps Code' 'Google Home Community' isn't listed there?? Maybe thats the problem?? But I wonder why it's picking it up as requiring an update??

If you removed it manually, I don't think HPM will pick up on it. If you didn't, perhaps there was an error when updating. Since a repair didn't help, maybe a match-up would, but uninstalling and reinstalling might be almost as easy (and you'd have to do one then anyway).

Have I mentioned scanning Logs for clues too? :slight_smile:

Get this in the log -
app:30812022-05-18 08:02:44.136 am infoFatal error occurred, rolling back
app:30812022-05-18 08:02:33.022 am infoUpgrading Google Home Community
app:30812022-05-18 08:02:32.596 am infoDownloading Google Home Community
app:30812022-05-18 08:02:32.160 am debugPerforming update
app:30812022-05-18 08:02:15.456 am debugprefPkgVerifyUpdates
app:30812022-05-18 08:02:11.992 am debugUpdates available
app:30812022-05-18 08:02:04.040 am debugUpdates available

Not super helpful (are there any other errors?), but since you said you didn't see the app listed in Apps Code, that's a good guess. You could try adding it manually and do a match-up, or just reinstall HPM (and match up if you want).

No other errors relevant to app:3081 which is HPM. I can't remove 'Google Home Community' as it's not showing in 'Apps Code'
In the list of 'Apps' there is one called 'Google Home' is that Google Home Community?? Of it is, I can delete it from there?

That's probably the built-in Hubitat app, but you can see in the list if it's "User" or "System." In any case, what I meant was either or both:

  • manually (re)install the GH community code;
  • uninstall and reinstall HPM (not this app since it isn't even there)

OK I deleted the HPM app & App Code, re-installed the code & then imported it to the Apps. Went through the setup, then checked for updates, & all my user added apps needed updating, which wnet through flawlessly. So there must have been a problem with HPM.
Thanks for your help.