How's the range on the Zen17 vs. Zen16?

The 700 chip is supposed to give you better range, right?

That's the theory at least

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Worth a shot.

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I didn't have a Z16 previously, but my Z17 is out in my detached garage ~50/60' from my hub (and thru a stucco house wall), and it connects directly all the time no problem.

Prior to Z17 install, I had preemptively put a Aeotec Range Extender 7 out in garage and another one pointing at it from (inside) the house, but the Z17 just connects direct to hub all the time.

Meanwhile, that garage extender always connects with some unintuitive routing paths (and nothing wants to route thru it), but it otherwise works just fine, so no big deal. I'll keep it out there for future-proofing any garage projects down the road.

I just put my Zen16 in the bowels of an aluminum shell clad standby generator. I powered it with an extension cord, but the 12vdc out at the generator could power it as well. Was able to control it directly with an associated Zen34 button control from my basement, 75-80' away! And the generator is at the base of the 4' high solid foundation of the garage. Very impressed. The Zen34 is a 700 device. No problem from the dashboard either, but it can't hurt that the associated solution works, for reliability.

I'm trying to avoid walking in the snow etc, to turn the generator off and on. Will load shed manually at the breaker panel. Automating load shed is a problem, but I'd be tickled just not to have to brave the elements.

edit: I take what I said back. Can seem to control with hub but direct via z34 seems to be better. Oh well. Maybe thae z17 will be better.

I wound up stringing wire. At least that switch doesn't have to be powered.

I got a Zen17 in the mail today. If I get a chance tomorrow after I complete the wiring 'project', I'll take a battery, a measuring tape, my phone, and take a walk.