How trigger a Rule only when a device exceeded a threshold


Poor subject description but in the below thread it showed me that the trigger in the rule will trigger anytime a device reading is received > than some value.

That being the case is there a trigger definition that will trigger only on becoming > than some number? Or must we use a PB to keep track of our > state?

If this is indeed the case shouldn't the "becomes" be changed to "is"?

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Yeah, the wording isn't quite right. But "is" isn't right either. Maybe "reports"?


In my opinion, yes.

"Reports" sounds intuitive :slight_smile:

Or "updates and is", to make it more human english readable.

But "reports" works too.

It's a one word change to the app.

"is" applies for a condition. "temperature is > 70"
"reports" applies for an event. "temperature reports > 70"