How to wake up a "Ember Sleepy Device"

I have a number of devices which are contact sensors, which are categorized as "EMBER_SLEEPY_END_DEVICE".
I wish to wake them up at a regular interval, to see their state, temperature, etc.
Is this possible?
When I make a decision based on their state in Rule Machine, I assume that I'm not waking them up, it's just looking at their current state. Is this assumption correct?
Also, it appears that the "zigbee reporting requests" (report every hour, etc.), are ignored.
Is the only way to wake up a contact sensor to physically cause it to "open" or "close"?
Thank you in advance for answering my questions.

Some devices have a parameter that can be set at pairing or while it is awake (for reporting or forced) to modify the reporting period. Unfortunately it is only some.

As to the values used by RM or apps, they will always be the last reported current state, i.e. RM and apps don't have the capability of waking a sleepy device and forcing it to respond.

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