How To View History For Basic Rule Events?

I'm having issues with basic rules running (looking at posts this seems not too uncommon). I see there is an "Events" tab for rule, but mine is empty. I also see there is "Enable Logging" when configuring a rule, which I have enabled.

Can someone explain how these are supposed to work? I was hoping to find something like "yesterday at 10:15 pm this action from the rule ran" but I'm not finding it anywhere. When I go to logs, I see logs for specific devices / lights, but not the basic rule.

I'm trying to see if the basic rule is triggering correctly and the light is not responding to the triggered event, or if the basic rule is not triggering correctly and the rule/hub is the problem.

You should see something in the logs if you've enabled logging. It might be best if you do a screenshot of your basic rule that's not working as expected and post that.

There’s an icon in the upper right corner of each basic rule that will link to the hub logs, filtered for that specific rule (as long as logging has been turned on for the rule in its settings as @johnwill1 mentioned).

See annotated, example screenshot below.

You may also want to enable logging on the devices that are affected by the Basic Rule...