How to use the Inovelli LZW31 with Hue bulbs

Just installed my first Red Series dimmer. Association took several tries but finally connected. I have the dimmer connected to 4 Hue BR30 color bulbs. Can't determine how to disable the dimmer and then associate the dimmer with the 4 bulbs to control on/off and dimming. Any suggestions?

Disable local control using the preference in the driver or the on-device config button (8 taps to toggle). Then, create some automation to map the button devices that the Inovelli sends to your desired commands on the Hue bulbs. Rule Machine with a "Button Device" trigger is one way. With the stock Inovelli drivers and stock Hue Bridge integration, you could map "Button 1 pushed" to something that turns on all your lights (or the group) to the desired settings and "Button 1 held" (Inovelli's super-awkward way of dealing with how to represent presses of the down paddle) to turn them off. You can use multiple taps to dim up/down by a certain percent on the group or bulbs. With individual bulbs, you could also use "start/stop raising/lowering dimmers," but Hubitat's stock Hue integration doesn't provide the required commands for that on a group (I wrote an integration that does), and using individual bulbs isn't likely to provide a good experience there--but you'd probably also want to modify Inovelli's driver as suggested in their forums to generate events on holds and releases of the paddle to get a "dim while holding" effect. So...starting with multi taps to adjust the level up or down some percentage each time might be easier to start with. :slight_smile:

You don't have a link do you? I had asked about their button implementation a while ago and wanted to see where they landed in comparison to Zooz.

Their button event implementation is a mess, but in terms of events that the device can report, it's pretty similar to Zooz: events for 1-5 taps up or down or both a hold and (then) released event for up and down. It does have the extra/config button that can report a single push as well. How they numbered them is nothing short of oddity, with 1-5 pushed for 1-5 taps up, 1-5 held for 1-5 taps down (sure, it eliminates "button math" but trades it for "button event gymnastics"), and...something else for config. Nothing for (real-world) held and released by default, but here's the modification I talked about and you were asking for: Let's see how far we can push the red series...shall we? - Tips & Tricks - Inovelli Community

(I modified the entire method to report odd numbers 1-9 pushed for 1-5 taps up, even numbers 2-10 for 1-5 taps down, and button 1 and 2 held and released for up and down held and released, respectively--a little "button math" in exchange for sensical button events, in my opinion. It also keeps single taps and holds/releases up and down as buttons 1 and 2 like Hubitat's drivers. But Hubitat is supposed to have a native driver in 2.1.8, so I'd also consider waiting to see what they do, though my guess is, unfortunately, not exposing anything beyond a double tap like their other drivers.)

As long as you stick the dismount, right? I don't know why they just didn't implement them all with "push". Isn't release mapped to "double tapped" or something silly?

So, you only get the "release" after a held? Is the hold time configurable as well? Or does the devices always report the release and the driver determines the difference?

No, they would never use an event that only works on Hubitat for the sloppy port of the ST DTH. :slight_smile: (Nothing against them. I love the hardware and know at least one of them uses Hubitat, but I'm not a fan of this driver. I almost can't wait for Hubitat's own, but unless they expand their capabilities to QuintupleTabbleButton, I'm worred we're going to lose everything beyond double-taps since they also seem opposed to "button math" and have to use a custom driver anyway.)

But yes, you only get released after a held, consistent with most devices that report a hold event. The duration for press vs. hold is not configurable (but seems comparable to other dimmers I've used, mostly Zooz). It's reported by the hardware, not faked in the driver like I think it is for the Picos.

Hubitat doesn't even do double taps for most most devices. Devil's advocate....I think 5x is a little excessive. Is anyone going to be able to remember what 10 different tap sequences on the switch do? I have trouble remembering what all the buttons on my picos do! lol

Well, the picos always report pushed and released. The held is what Hubitat "faked" into the driver. It's really evident when you try and use a release after holding down buttons 1 or 5 on a pico for more than 4 seconds. You'll never get the released event. Lutron only intended buttons 2 and 4 to be held for any length of time. But i digress.

Thanks for the reply. I was worried that the Hue bulbs wouldn't work for the dimming up and down! I doubt the multiple taps beyond 2 will meet the WAF for me!

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