How To Use Strobe Only On Siren

I have one of these sirens, although it says its Zipato it does not work with the Zipato Siren driver. I can get it to work with a handful of other siren drivers. This issue I have is that I cannot get the strobe to work on its own even though there is a command it always starts the siren.
Has anybody solved this?

I have quite a struggle to get full control over my sirens. I don't know whether it's hubitat's drivers to blame, or the devices themselves (two different types I have) cos I've not tried sirens with any other system

My Aeotec Siren 6 works as expected, but it strobe is white and they are quite expensive.
This has a red strobe and half the price, and its siren is much more piercing than the Aeotec.
I planed to have on of this on each window that always strobes on movement and goes off on entry when HSM is enabled..

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