How to use sticky triggers


can you provide an example how to use the new sticky triggers to alert me when one of my relays that is supposed to turn off after 1 sec gets stuck open..

it has happened a few times..


Check this out:


Assuming that it is supposed to turn off right away, like this:


Hi @bravenel

Since the last update I began using rule machine (migrating my webcore pistons into it).

The rules with a LED light (controlled via wifi ou zigbee Dimmers) inside are behaving in a weird way.

The LED strip turns on when the motion sensor detects movement, but after a couple of seconds it blinks or turns off, and I can’t see why! There are no Auto-off in any of the devices.

This is one of the rules where that happens:

About the conditions: “Escureceu” is a virtual switch that turns on after two of my light sensors stay lower that a certain amount of lumens for 15 min. These Light sensors are facing outside and therefore turning on the led is not changing the “escureceu” switch.

Please help!

Turn on logging for rule, so you can see what it does.

Could it be the weird seconds of 70 instead of saying 1 minute and 10 seconds?