How to use Send ZWave Command

I have a Leviton DZ6HD dimmer and I want the dimmer level LEDs to be on all the time. Although I'm using the driver for this device, this parameter is not on the config screen.

Documentation for the dimmer says the following:
LED Dim Level Indicator Timeout

  • Parameter No: 6 Length: 1Byte
  • Valid Values 0-255 (default 3)
    -- 0 = Level Indicators OFF
    -- 1-255 = Level Indicator Timeout (seconds)
    -- 255 = Levels always ON

So I want to send a 255 (always ON) command. I have come up with the hex string 7006FF, meaning configuration command class x70 plus parameter x06 plus xFF. But this doesn't work.

Any clues on what I'm doing wrong?

It might be easier if you add/use the Basic Z Wave Tool driver.

Switch the device driver to the above, manually send the command from the device preference panel, then switch the driver back to the Leviton one.


Tried both generic and dedicated driver, Same result.

No, change the driver to Basic Z-Wave Tool. Click save then cofigure then send the command, then switch back to the leviton driver, click save then configure


Maybe you need to include the "Configuration Set" Command (04) ?
Use at your own risk. :wink:


You can download and install the Basic Z-Wave Tool driver from Hubitat's Github repository. I've added a link below:

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I'm a newbie- bear with me. I don't see that driver in the list.
just says "no matches for bas"

Install the driver using the raw link...

Have a look at the documentation to learn how this works.

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Figured it out, downloaded the basic tool, and got it work!

Thanks guys.


For a lot of stuff, you should install Hubitat Package Manager

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I am here:

Where is the documentation for "Send ZWave Command" under "Advanced"? What syntax is expected here? There is an old thread here:

That is somewhat helpful, if it's accurate, but I can't find that information in the documentation, so I don't know how accurate or complete it is.

Please update the documentation to say something helpful about "Send ZWave Command".

I would say it is more than somewhat helpful as I posted how to use it in there with at least 1 example, and a link to all of the command classes (although I didn't check to see if the link is still working).

What kind of documentation are you expecting past "enter command class and command and params in hex"? Serious question.

I'd like to see something official written in the HE documentation. A good place to document this would be with all the other things on that page, already documented here: Device Detail | Hubitat Documentation

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The "Link to the SiLabs excel spreadsheet" is 404 NOT FOUND.
The link via times out.
Can you fix these?

Not sure either of those are publicly available without login anymore. I'll try to look this weekend and verify though.

That advanced section is indeed "advanced". I'm not sure the documentation will ever say much more than to use a hex representation of the command class and command. I'm not sure a tutorial on how command classes and/or commands in a class would make much sense in the docs.

But I see your point. It would be good to have a bit more in there on that function.

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Here is the 1st (link works for me anyway):

The MiCasaVerde one isn't readily findable, but here are two good ones:

The Hubitat zwave documentation:

This one is OK too but doesn't give the hex values for the individual commands (just the classes):


Alas, now we have two community threads that someone has to first find and then read to understand how to use "Send ZWave Command". I hope someone collects the bits and puts them into the official documentation page along with the other documentation.

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It's may be more likely that it will get removed, lol. Hardly anyone uses it, or knows how to use it.