How to use motion sensors for security?

Hi! Could someone help me out with a simple guide or how-to on how to setup 2 (or more) motion sensors with my Hubitat to monitor a space and send me notifications if any of them are triggered? I would like to get an e-mail and SMS when this event occurs. So far I couldn't figure it out :frowning: Got my sensors paired and connected but that's about as far as I got...

Probably the easiest way to get notifications from the motion sensors is to use the built-in app called Notifications. You can install it from the Apps page using the Add Built-in App button at the top right. Also check out Notifications - Hubitat Documentation

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I was going to suggest Notifications as well, since it can do exactly what you're asking for. But if you want a bit more customization, consider setting up Hubitat Safety Monitor instead. You can arm (into a few different modes) or disarm it according to different critera, and that provides an easy way to not get notified in certain circumstances--like if you're home and don't want these notifications then.

It is a bit more complex but does provide more customization/power. If you do just want notifications, the Notifications app certainly works too (and does have simpler built-in "restrictions" you can use so you don't always get notified, either). But this kind of thing is basically what HSM was made for.

You can find more information on these two and all built-in apps here, by the way, if you wanted to look around: Apps Documentation | Hubitat Documentation

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Since you used the word "security" in your thread title, you should know that Hubitat does not offer the hub as a full-fledged home security system. You can use the hub for for alerts and notifications from motion, contact sensors, leak sensors, etc., and it will likely function well, but if you are looking for a purpose-built professional security system, you should look elsewhere.

There is a write up on this somewhere, can find it right now. @bertabcd1234, maybe you can you link to it?

Not sure if there's a formal write-up anywhere, though likely posts by staff here, but there's a note in the app for sure. :slight_smile:

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That's what I was thinking of, but could not remember the context. :smiley:

Yeah I don't really expect authorities to be called or anything like that. I already have security system (SimpliSafe) and their motion sensors are terrible to say the least. They are triggered by Roomba and sometimes even by nothing, already few times cops were called for no reason...

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