How to use double tap and hold switch capabilities?

I recently swapped out all my dimmers and switches with ones that support hold and double tap commands via Central Scene commands. I’m trying to figure out how to configure those commands to do different things. Is it done via the device config page, or is it done via an app somehow?

Try the Button Controllers app. Using this for my buttons. 1 Click =1, double =2 and so on. Also events for if pushed.


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I use @stephack's Advance Button Controller (ABC) App. Works great with my Lutron Pico remotes.


I started playing around with Button Controller. From my understanding, button 1 is the top “on” button on my decora switch, and button 2 is the bottom “off” button. Does that sound correct? I think I’ve successfully set up an action for double tapping the on and off buttons on my bedroom switch.

If you open up the logging whilst using, you should see which is which. But does sound logical. My Remotec operates like that, whereas my single buttons will allow double click as 2 etc.

Loving this by the way! Thanks for sharing @ogiewon, and creating @stephack


I have an Inovelli dimmer. The button mapping is:

· 1 pushed = top of toggle pressed

· 1 held = bottom of toggle pressed.

Perhaps yours is similar:

Seems odd but it works fine using the button controller. BTW the active log was not much help. It only made sense once I knew the answer.

Anyway the button controller should show you what buttons are available.

This is not a Hubitat standard for button controllers.
Our drivers in this case label the top as button one and the bottom as button two.

Makes more sense. I guess the Inovelli driver follows some other standard (or maybe no standard)

Hope I didn't through @murray.sean.d off course.


Is there a capability to do in button controller or ABC to do

IF held dim up unless the last command was up then dimm down.

could use the release command to then flip the direction?

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