How to use a Lutron RA2 button as Motion Lighting blocker?

Hi all, I have an existing Lutron RadioRA 2 setup at home. I have placed a non-Lutron motion sensor in the garage for use with HE. I used Motion Lighting Apps to create a garage motion trigger to turn the Lutron-managed switches on. I do have spare keypad buttons in the garage via a Lutron visor receiver.

I set a reasonable timeout in Motion Lighting which will work for 95% of trips through the garage at night, but I'm trying to figure out what to do for days I'm working on a car when I'm nowhere near the door the motion watches. I was thinking this would ideally be handled through use of either the Button to disable Off or Switch to disable Off feature of Motion Lighting, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to accomplish that on the RadioRA 2 side of things. I can't make a keypad button a toggle if it's not tied to a real switch, scene, etc. I was hoping it could be a toggle of nothing simply to be stateful so the HE integration would know it's been set, the Lutron LED would light showing me it worked, and then it will block Motion Lighting from taking action.

If it's a Lutron "switch" that is tied to nothing would the integration still pick up the fact that it got pressed once after the motion occurred and successfully block the off operation? and would that turn back off pushing it again, or when turning the motion lights off manually?


I know this isn't exactly what you're asking, but since you have RA2, have you considered using an RA2 Occupancy (motion) sensor? In my experience, they're pretty sensitive when on the highest setting and don't have any problem just catching me typing (so pretty low motion). Since you're in your garage, you might even have luck with just any sensor by adding another to the room and using them both in your automations (I just happen to be very happy with the Lutron ones). But I understand you might have other reasons for asking this specific question. Maybe you're underneath a car and it would be super impractical to get any sensor to see you there. :slight_smile:

In that case, you might be able to do what you want via button events. Motion Lighting has some options for buttons, but you could also use the buttons to toggle the state of a virtual switch (on Hubitat), then use the state of that switch to restrict your automations. I don't have any keypads (I'm unquestionably vastly underutilizing my RA2 system...I really just wanted the motion sensors if that's any indication of how much I like them). Can the keypads send button (pushed, held, etc.) events on the Hubitat side? If so, you could use them in this way without worrying about a switch state on the Lutron side. You could definitely do this with a Pico--just not sure about the "real" keypads. Your specific idea might be do-able too, but I again wouldn't be much help, though it seems like you could test it and see what events Hubitat generates (or doesn't) if you wanted to try.

I’ve actually got a bunch of four button Picos coming later this week, not related to this issue; wanted to move the visor receiver near the garage door control to wire it into that.

Do the Picos integrate natively with HE so I’d use them on that side instead of with RA2? That would solve the button push problem. I had just assumed I’d have the same problem with them as a keypad that I have now with a different keypad.

The reason for not doing Lutron motion was mostly just cost; it’s a large and oddly shaped garage so I’d need probably four or five sensors for full coverage, could have false positives that light the garage up, etc. I figured a $25 Samsung motion by the door and push a button if I’m going to be in there a while would be better on the wallet. :grinning:

The Picos still get integrated through the RA2 Main Repeater, but you don't have to "associate" them with any device (switch/dimmer) on the Lutron side--I don't, and they come into Hubitat as just button devices I can do whatever I want with. They are by far my favorite button devices. :slight_smile: Sounds like some sort of button device might work well for your situation. Motion Lighting has options for switches and buttons, so it's just a matter of what events your devices send that you could use to tie into that.

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