How to "uncancel" a subscription?

So my CC expiration date was apparently not updated when the subscription renewal came around so it automatically(?) "cancelled" my subscription. I've opened a support request that has of now gone unanswered. It seems there's no method to update the expiration date, only adding a "new" card.

I added my CC (same card#, updated expiration) and made it the default.

What is the resolution/next steps?

Usually means they didn’t receive it, or you didn’t receive their response. Typically a spam filtering issue.

For any problem related to a subscription, I’d put another request in their web form:

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Please check your email. Your case sounds remarkably similar to a case I've seen earlier.

But since you've reached out here, I can also answer here. If the payment is declined by your bank more than 3 times, the service is automatically cancelled and you will need to resubscribe. There is no other way around to reactivate the subscription.

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It currently shows hub protect active, but "cancelled" when I click on it and look at the subscription detail. It won't let me manage payments, etc. just stuck in a loop and it's rather frustrating. Cloud backup hasn't worked since 9-9.

ETA: I was able to use the Add subscription from the hub "Subscriptions" option. No amount of moving around in "My account" on the hubitat pages would get me where I needed to be. Very convoluted that it's only that one single path to success, but it's all good now.

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Thanks for your feedback. I can see how that might be confusing. It didn't show active if you were able to subscribe again, but having the prior subscription show as canceled without users being able to take any action, is rather odd, indeed. We will get that fixed.


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