How to turn on Zigbee light with vibration from SmartThings multipurpose sensor

Using ideally Motion Lighting or RM, how can I set up automation to turn on my open door garage closet light based on the vibration of a SmartThings multipurpose sensor that’s on the ground at the entrance of the closet? I see vibration reported in logs for the sensor, but I can’t find a way to use it as a trigger. Thanks!

RM -> Trigger -> Acceleration

Simple Automation Rules. I picked both of my vibration sensors, an Aqara and a Samsung sensor just to see if they showed up on this list.

So maybe give that a try? I don't think vibration is the going to be the most reliably way of turning on the lights, so don't be surprised if it doesn't work 100% .

Thanks, both! I realized right after posting it's called Acceleration, but had never played with Simple Automation Rules (only 1 week in with my C7), so that was super helpful to see. I only wish that Motion Lighting allowed for Acceleration as a "trigger"

I don't think I have ever seen anyone use vibration like this. In theory, you could create a virtual motion sensor, and convert vibration to motion sensor using a rule. Or you could write an app to do so. Then you could use Motion Lighting with that virtual motion sensor.

You would be far better off buying cheap motion sensors on ebay though.

Fair enough. I probably need to get a bunch of motion sensors, but had an extra multipurpose sensor lying around. And now SmartThings seems to not be selling their hardware any more.

What are the best motion sensors to buy? Anything good under $20 a piece?

Only for certain values of "good"

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Give it time, looks like aeotec have taken over ST

Look for Iris stuff. Very often in the sub $15 range even for the quite nice V3.

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