How to turn off all logging for a custom app

I'm using the Eternal Sunshine app and I've already disabled the logging toggles in the app's preferences:

However, the app continues to log under certain conditions:

Is there a way to shut down all logging for a specific app?

I already asked the author, @elfege, here.
However I haven't gotten a response from them yet. So I was hoping someone else may know.

Looks like this particular event is occurring because another app is messing with the devices and this app wants exclusive control.

If you go into the app code open the app and comment out line 520 by putting // at the beginning of the line it will get rid of the log entries you posted.

// "dimmers are off and managed by another app, $app.label will resume when they're turned back on keepDimmersOff = $keepDimmersOff"


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