How to turn off aeotec smartswitch 6 led

have an aeotec smartswitch 6 and can't fully disable the leds. its controlling my heater and in the bedroom is too bright in the night. I didn't see any option to fully disable it. any ideas?

I just took a look at the "engineering spec".
I snipped a piece below.
I have no idea what the multilevel switch command class is-that would be a job for a developer.
What options does your driver give you?
I'd say you'd want to be in Energy mode, where parameter 81 is 0 and adjust parameter 84 to all zeros.
I bet the ideal would be if your driver would set the night light time frame and you could adjust the brightness to zero there, and have normal light at other time.
I tried to put a link to the eng. spec as well, which I found with a simple search.
Good luck.

eh this is an amazing place as everyone is super nice and does their best to answer! thank you!
I think setting what may needs digging in the code of the software. not sure I want to alter the original as it may break on an upgrade. answering the question, not much I can configure in the UI by default:

If it's a built-in driver you won't be able to update the code.

Try calling the setLevel command (just under Configure), passing in 0, 1 or 2 to see if that allows you to set the lighting option.

Plus, it looks like you have some of the parameters shown, anyway, in State Variables.

Looking farther down on the device page, it doesn't like to me the driver gives you a choice to change the brightness of the led.

I think I would make sure LED Mode is in the default "Energy" (not "Night Light") setting, and then manually messing around with parameter 84.

I've fooled around for hours with my Aeotec Heavy Duty switch and couldn't figure out totally what they were talking about as far as setting reporting parameters. I'm no genius though.

Parameter 84's length is 3. The chart gives the values of red, green, and blue. Does that mean the value of the parameter should be set to 000 for zero brightness? I have no idea.

You can use the Basic Z-Wave driver to tweak the parameters and then go back to the system driver.

hmm you mean basic z-wave "switch" driver supports tweaking like this? that'd be awesome. and you send some zwave "command" to set this? my bad I have no experience. I will check. its so bad that aeotec (which I believe is a good brand) not supporting led off or at least get to 1% brightness.
thanks much for all your hard work you did to give me proper answer.
also, too bad, I've just duct taped the led but that's definitely an ugly solution.

No. You adjust parameters in the Basic z-wave driver.